Whale Sharks in Cebu Island

Whale Sharks in Cebu Island

For ocean lovers, swimming with the Whale Sharks is a very great dream. The gentle giants are slow and safety animals that are gigantic as well. In the Philippines, there are a lot of places where you can swim with the gentle giants. The place is located in the Cebu Island and was known as Oslob Whale Shark Watching.

Are you asking yourself if the Gentle Giants are dangerous? Well, they are safe for humans than any other species of fishes and they don’t usually respond to people swimming that are near to them. There are some people said that whale sharks tend to swing their tails or suck a person into their huge mouth but that’s only an exaggeration. The Whale shark is the biggest and the largest fish in the world that can grow up to 18 meters but the usual adult shark is about 10-12 meters. The sharks only eat plankton and spend their time mostly at the surface of the water since that they’re mammals. They are slow swimmers that have the speed of 5 kilometers per hour.

To be aware of how things work in Oslob for the Whale Shark watching is a necessity for you. The price for the tickets is fixed with a price of 500 Pesos for locals and 1000 Pesos for foreigners that would like to swim and 300 Pesos and 500 Pesos for people who’d like to stay on the boat. The price is inclusive of lifejackets, snorkeling gears, and facilities in the area. If you’re hungry, the place is surrounded with good quality food. Before everything else, you will be given a short orientation of rules that you should follow in swimming with them. The first thing that they will tell you is the prohibition of using the camera flash, sunscreen lotion and you must have at least 4-meter distance away from the whale sharks, and the most important rule is that you must not touch the whale sharks. By violating one of these rules will lead you to fine 2000 Pesos or be jailed for 4 up to 6 months.

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